Funny video of the WORST Forklift Driver in the world!

Another funny forklift video to start your week with a giggle

To continue with our find of funny forklift drivers throughout the world. See our next find above of one of the worst forklift drivers around and see how many attempts it takes this guy to do the simplest of moves. We can't believe that this is their job, or perhaps is it their first day on the job?


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Funny forklift truck incident

Next of our funny forklift videos

It's that time again, when we show you one of the funny forklift truck videos we have found this week. Take a look at the video below to see how NOT to unload a truck.


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Refrigerated vans and fresh goods – It’s not simple any more

Refrigerated vans for your fresh produce

Fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables; fish, meat dairy and baked goods can make up about 40% of a grocery chains income. chilled vans for your goodsFresh food, and the transport and sale of such however, has constantly been an exceedingly delicate matter, and can be very difficult to manage. It’s not just a case of ordering refrigerated vans, due to the following reasons:

  • Costs are unstable,
  • The products are often perishable and easily damaged
  • Replenishment and quality-control tasks are tough and costly

Due to increasing customer demand, merchants are moving an ever-expanding array of fresh produce, … Read More

Tips on the RFQ process for choosing a new 3PL

Everything you need to know about managing the RFQ process for selecting a new 3PL

There is a movement across most industries towards outsourcing more of a company’s logistics function, but to a 3PLs for your logisticssmaller number of 3PLs, or third party logistics providers. As more companies are seeking single, all-around logistics partners who will be responsible for a larger part of their supply chain, it becomes more important to be able to separate the good matches form the bad. For more information on the RFQ process, see

Choosing between 3PLs

Before you start

You should expect the entire … Read More

Supply chain management and container weights

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management for New Container Weight Regulations

The new container weight regulations will affect purchasing and supply chain management logistics, in many ways. New calls for a safer approach have been listened to, accept and will be in effect within the next couple of years. Due to the large amount of accidents that have happened previously it was evident change was needed but it will be rather a large shake up for the industry. In the year 2016 a new UN code of practice will come into force, which will require container weights to be verified … Read More

How are rises in arline surcharges affecting logistics companies?

Logistics companies complain as airline surcharges rise

The airline industry has been facing an increase in costs over the past five years. This comes from various factors logistics companiessuch as fuel and purported security cost increases and has an impact on air travel and the transport of cargo alike. The travel industry strongly opposes these increased costs, as does the cargo sector. Airline passengers regularly face increased security charges when booking flights, and the same is true for logistics companies. Whilst security is a critical element to ensure that the world’s cargo is moved safely around the skies, many logistics companies Read More

A Career in Supply Chain

Looking for a career in Supply Chain?

Watch this video below to where you can view Industry pros talk about the challenges and benefits of a career in supply chain management. Originally aired at ISM's 2013 Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas

Supply chain and logistics is a great industry to get into as it is continually growing and changing to accommodate the needs of the consumer.

So what makes the supply chain industry a good choice of career move?

Nowadays, with the change in consumer purchasing patterns, many more retailers are moving towards the online market. This changes the requirements … Read More

How are consumers changing the work of logistics companies?

Consumer behaviour in the UK is shifting rapidly, and logistics companies must work hard to keep up

Logistics companies are making the transition to an entirely new business ecosystem. E-commerce, omni-channel marketing, steadily rising fuel and transport prices and a sharp rise in returned orders have combined to reshape the entire sector. Below, we will look at some of the challenges and opportunities logistics companies face, and how they are rising to meet them.

The e-commerce boom

The e-commerce boom in the UK has changed the face of logistics utterly. Once upon a time a consumer order placed by catalogue … Read More

The latest generation of Labour Management Systems may finally be showing cost effective results

Labour management systems in logistics

Many of us in the logistics management field hesitated to adopt LMSs (labour management systems) until they had third party logisticsbuilt up some kind of a track record. Well, the results are beginning to come in, and it seems like some users are reporting substantial gains in productivity after implementing the systems. Better still, there are several low cost, small scale systems available which have been giving good results, which should result in more systems entering service around the UK.

Labour management is a major expense, in terms of money, time and talent. Labour is frequently a … Read More

5 ways to reduce your LTL freight costs

Let's take a look at how you can reduce your LTL freight freight distribution costs

As the logistics field gets ever leaner, many shippers are coming to use less than truckload shipping (LTL) more often. Unfortunately, this can be very inefficient if not done carefully. Whichwarehouse investigates below.

Here are a few tips on saving money on LTL without getting (or providing) worse service

  1. Understand your suppliers and their network. Make sure you have a good understanding of where your suppliers are physically located, and how often they ship to you. Is it possible to reduce delivery frequency to
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