Real Time Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Why real-time inventory visibility needs to be a part of your supply chain management strategy

The necessity of adopting omnichannel commerce techniques is old news. Every brick and mortar retailer has a plan to bring a shiny supply chain management solutionsnew mobile-responsive website online in the next few months or a plan to run a home delivery line out of their existing warehouses. What many don’t have, though, is a supply chain management plan that will give them the responsiveness and resilience they’ll need to keep all these new customers happy. 

The customers you will gain through multi-channel marketing demand real time and … Read More

Supply Chains and Omnichannel Marketing

Supply chains worldwide are not generally optimised for omnichannel marketing

A recent study from PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big Four auditors, recently released a survey of retail supply chains and omnichannelexecutives, and the results have a lot to tell us. In short, big retail is not prepared to take advantage of omnichannel marketing, and doesn’t plan to do much about it.

The study polled several hundred executives representing retail companies from all around the world. Taken as a whole, only 17% of those polled felt that their supply chains were optimised for omnichannel marketing, even though fully half believed their supply chain … Read More

Shipping, Tracking, Logistics and Satellites

Shipping, tracking, logistics and satellites – key features of GPS fleet management systems

No fleet management system can be all things to all companies, and the unique characteristics of your organisation will of course determine the best choice of solution to use for your shipping, tracking, logistics and fleet control needs. Still, there are some features common to almost all such systems, and things nearly every user should look for.

Modes of access for shipping tracking logistics and managshipping logisticsement software

With any management solution, there is the choice between locally hosted solutions or cloud-based options. In general, web- or … Read More

Healthcare logistics industry

Major challenges face the healthcare logistics industry today, but most are adapting well

healthcare logistics

Healthcare logistics has always been a complicated field, but that landscape seems to be shifting faster than ever, making strategic decisions on supply chain matters more critical than ever. TNS conducts its “Pain in the (Supply) Chain” healthcare survey annually for UPS, based on data they have gathered from 440 senior healthcare logistics decision makers across Western Europe, The Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. Their answers have a lot to tell us about what challenges face the market today, and what we might expect in … Read More

Temporary Storage – Planning For Peak Season and steps to take to avoid an influx

Temporary storage for peak seasons

temporary storage for peak seasons

Temporary storage is something that needs to be correctly planned for and looked at it many ways. Considering the weather is one vital element. To eliminate product damage through mould, mildew, damp or heat is part of your general day-to-day operation and ensuring that you have the staff to cover periods of greater demands is equally as important. Whatever time of year it is, due to the boom of the online retail world, customers now have the market in the palm of their hands; they can be selective with which companies they choose and one … Read More

Tips on pharma storage when using speciality warehouse storage

A few tips for accurate temperature mapping in the pharmaceutical industry, and for specialty warehouse storage users in general

Proper temperature mapping is important, but shouldn’t really be too technically challenging. Here are a few tips on more getting pharma storageaccurate, useful data with the procedure.

Temperature mapping of specialty warehouse storage facilities must be accomplished in several different conditions

Of course, you should perform mapping when the warehouse is empty as well as when it is full so you understand how it performs at both extremes, and know its real tolerances. Both summer and winter mas should be developed, especially … Read More

Single-envelope construction revolutionlising UK warehouse construction

A recent advance, called ‘single-envelope construction’, is set to revolutionise UK warehouse construction, especially for temperature-controlled spaces

Composite panel construction has been around for some time now, and has proven itself as a durable and lightweight alternative to older concrete and masonry construction techniques, all the while offering the UK warehouse construction market much improved insulative and thermal protection properties. A new advance in composite panel construction, called single-envelope technology, now promises to UK warehouseprovide further improved performance and much faster build times. As lengthy construction time can be one of the greatest areas of expense in UK warehouse construction, and … Read More

Manufacturing and partnering with supply chain companies

The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative is making it easier than ever to partner with supply chain companies

Partnering or collaborating with supply chain companies is a strategy with a great deal of potential to deal with some of today’s most supply chain and logistics in the UKpressing business challenges. Supply chain companies are particularly adept at bridging gaps in supply chain efficiency, skills and innovation.

This kind of collaboration is becoming more and more commonplace across many industries. Relationships between customers and suppliers are no longer purely transactional, no longer about cost and nothing else. Primes are increasingly opting for collaborative, partnership models than traditional … Read More

Warehouse storage for hazardous goods

 Can your warehouse provider cope with Hazardous Storage?

Storing hazardous goods

Hazardous materials, whether in a raw state or finished goods, are capable of producing a wide range of harmful physical effects such as a fire, sudden release of pressure, explosion or serious health issues including burns, convulsions, organ damage or cancer.

Hazardous substances include:

  • Substances used directly in work activities (e.g. adhesives, battery acid, pest control, paints, cleaning agents)
  • Substances generated during work activities (e.g. fumes from industrial trucks or spilled products)
  • Naturally occurring substances (e.g. dust in certain concentrations)
  • Biological agents such as bacteria and other microorganisms.

The Department for Environment, Read More

Hilarious Forklift Driving

Funny Forklift Driving – Should have called Whichwarehouse for a professional service!

Scarily incompetent Forklift Operators

Over the next coming weeks we will be posting all the funny logistics videos and pictures we find on the internet so show you just how wrong it can turn out for your company by choosing the wrong logistics company.

We hope you enjoy the first of our finds, we particularly enjoyed the part where the driver asked for 'help' and the giggling in the background. It is actually quite scary to think that people in charge of machinery such as forklifts just as … Read More

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