Looking for a warehouse distribution company in Rotherham, South Yorkshire?

Situated in Rotherham close to warehouse space RotherhamSheffield is this 120,000 sq ft modern warehouse and distribution facility. With racking for your pallet storage and a bulk storage area for those awkward sized items Candlelight Products Ltd can assist with all your logistics requirements in South Yorkshire.

If you have a company looking at distributing your goods in the North East then Rotherham is ideally situated within close proximity of major towns such as Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Perhaps you are importing goods and need a dry bonded warehouse?

dry bond storage South YorkshireCandlelight can also assist with this side of your business, having years of experience in import and export of goods and benefitting from a dry bond storage facility. So if you need an HMRC Bonded warehouse in Yorkshire for your goods to defer the payment of duty and VAT until you sell your goods, then contact Candlelight on 01709 723000 as they can advise on what you need to do and what paperwork needs to filled in with HMRC in order to apply for this type of storage.

Outsourcing your logistics

With many SME’s looking to outsource their logistics to 3PL’s able to deal with everything from receiving the container, destuffing the container, palletising their goods and offering pallet storage to picking and packing their goods for fulfilment services and order production work and distributing them, Candlelight offer a one stop logistics solution for companies wanting to outsource the warehousing headache leaving it in control of true professionals.

We find that some businesses believe they need to be based close by to the warehouse they store at to stay in control of their goods however if wanting to outsource your logistics requirements as above it is not necessary to choose a warehouse close to your location as the 3PL will handle everything for you saving you the stress. After all, that is what they do best.  Candlelight have a stock management system to keep on top of your stock control Leave the warehousing of your goods to those specialised in this area and reap the rewards of free time you gain by focusing on your sales and other areas of your business.

If you need assistance with finding suitable warehousing and logistics solutions in different areas of the UK then call  0800 1707 555 and speak to the Whichwarehouse team.



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