Warehouse Housekeeping You Need To Keep On Top Of

How can you keep on top of your warehouse housekeeping?tidy your warehouse

To have a warehouse running efficiently there are many things that you cannot afford to overlook, and this includes housekeeping. Due to the many health and safety rules and regulations of today any working environment needs to be 100% safe for all employees, and this means things like good ventilation, regular maintenance of machinery and clear working areas and floors. If an employee injures himself at work due to things such as spillages, the incorrect stacking of products or obstacles in the path then they will likely have a valid claim for compensation against you, on grounds of negligence.

What things should you consider when keeping your warehouse in order?

Conduct regular stocktaking

This reduces the risk of over spill which can be potentially dangerous if you have more products or items than you have room for. This also gives you chance to check on the stacking of equipment making sure it aligns to the regulations that it needs to. If you’re looking at your booking in sheet and can see a possible overspill coming, act fast to ensure you try and amend the booking, top push it back, or try and secure local storage space so that your walkways are not compromised.

Continually check the machinery used by employees to ensure this is safe and in full working order

This can include regular cleaning of equipment and tools to prevent things such as oil build up or rust which can prevent a machine working correctly and in turn cause injury to an employee. Keeping check sheets of all inspections, either electronically or on paper will be paramount if you have a Health and Safety inspection. It takes minutes to perform an inspection and can make all the difference.

By having a daily cleaning routine, i.e. morning and night

This means that housekeeping needn’t be a huge task at the end of the week, month, and year and will be something that can be kept on top of in a simple and time efficient way. All establishments where there are people, such as schools and hospitals have strict cleaning regimes and this is to prevent build-ups and also keep on top of hygiene. Even if your floors do not appear dirty, they could be harbouring bacteria and germs that could be dangerous. This will also mean that any undetected dangers such as spillages are not overlooked. An initial sweep of the area first and last thing will ensure that you’re on top of things.

If there are any obstructions on the floor, such as pallet parts, paper, and shrink-wrap, make sure that these are dealt with immediately for a safe and clear working area. Initially the training of staff can include looking out for items like this so that you’re all aware that negligence should not be tolerated. Adequate training should also include house keeping such as an employee knowing how to keep their tools in a clean and safe condition regularly.



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