Topps Tiles to Complete New Lancashire Warehouse

The fourth quarter of 2011 will see the completion of a brand new £1.6 million warehouse constructed by Topps Tiles, which has stated that the new warehouse facility is “integral to its supply chain.”

The extra warehousing space will be incorporated as an additional facility to its existing buildings and warehouse units in Leicestershire and is expected to be up and working in time for October.

In an official statement, Topp Tiles said that “the warehouse will play a significant role in our logistics strategy over the coming years, as we further integrate our supply chain and allow increased levels of sourcing direct from factory gates, which will provide a platform for further gross margin growth.”

The company hopes that the new warehouse will help to redress a loss in operating profits reported from the 26 weeks to 2 April 2010, and also could possibly create further employment opportunities for the area, which will be good news for the job markets.

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