A Sustainable Supply Chain

Eco Friendly Logistics

Logistics in the distribution industry involve a wide range of complex procedures, from planning, implementing and controlling the eco logisticstransportation of materials and goods, to organising bulk storage and maintaining a structured system for businesses of all sizes.

Over the past few decades all focus has been on streamlining the process in order to reduce unnecessary expenditures and drive profits up for businesses, which has in turn pushed environmental concerns into the background.

The increased use of the planet’s rapidly depleting natural resources is pushing fuel prices higher and higher, so it really is in everyone’s best interests to start planning ahead for sustainable supply and distribution channels.

Introducing a sustainable supply chain into your business model needn’t come at the expense of profits gained. In fact it can actually help to save you money and could even work in your favour where consumer opinion is concerned.

With the majority of the scientific community in agreement about rapid environmental changes happening all around us, public perceptions are evolving and so are their shopping habits. Consumers respond more positively to companies that actively encourage and engage in environmentally friendly practices.

Environmental Issues in Transportation and Distribution

Transporting goods is one of the biggest environmental issues businesses face. The most common method is by road because of the convenience and flexibility of moving cargo this way, yet it is the highest producer of C02 emissions.

The alternative is freight trains, which run the length of the country and consume considerably less energy, but the UK’s rail network only goes so far. Some of the biggest distribution companies are embracing cleaner methods of road transportation, including fully electric and hybrid vehicles which massively cut fuel emissions and your company’s carbon footprint.

Reducing the amount of packaging or changing the type of packaging used for your products can also cut down on waste materials and create a positive image for your company, potentially increasing your customer base.

There are a number of warehousing and fulfilment companies that are adapting to more ecological methods. If being green is important to you, it’s worth hunting them down and finding out how they can help you create an environmentally friendly business that works for you and your customers.

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