Supply chain worker management solutions

The tools you need to do the job for supply chain management

Management is about making sure your resources are used correctly and efficiently, and your supply chain managementnumber one resource is your employee’s time and effort. Here are a few kinds of tools that supply chain managers use to keep their employees productive and effective.

General Time Management Solutions

Something as basic as ‘time clock’ software can give your employees the kind of structure they need to be productive, and helps them see for themselves where time is being wasted. Whenever you are managing personnel, making it clear what your expectations are for their on the job hours sets you on the right track.

These kinds of software packages should require employees to track time spent on individual tasks, as well as start and stop times. This allows you to identify who is fastest, and most effective, at each task, so you can assign tasks most efficiently, and arrange supplementary training for under-performers.

Employee monitoring software

Monitoring systems can help you understand work patterns and bottlenecks in your process, and even individual employee strengths and weaknesses.

Also, you may come to doubt voluntary time tracking results, or suspect they are not being done correctly. The right monitoring solution can help you find out how your employees are actually spending company time. This kind of software will help you curtail frivolous internet time, enforce company policy about objectionable material, and even add to your data security.

Health and wellness software

Healthy employees are productive employees, all else being equal. While your HR department may already have mental and physical wellness programs in place, there may be more that you can offer your people. Anything that increases physical activity or improve your employees’ diets can improve their overall health and morale. Many companies provide health and morale tracking tools that can help you spot trouble before it affects productivity.

Improved morale itself can improve worker health and performance, so don’t neglect the psychological. Deadlines and busy weeks can be stressful. Careful use of rewards can improve morale after a tough time, and get them back to full productivity faster.






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