Supply Chain Solutions: Why Green is The New Black

Following Primark’s recent announcement that their supply chain is now toxic-free, we look at why green supply chain solutionshaving environmentally-friendly supply chain solutions not only enhances your company’s reputation but can improve its efficiency, save you money and increase your revenue.

So read on as we reveal why green is the new black when it comes to supply chain solutions.

Product Footprinting

By conducting an assessment of your company’s current supply chain, you can identity the carbon impact of your resources. This involves looking at energy efficiency, product waste, transportation and the production of raw materials. Not only can a footprint assessment help you understand the resource-intensity of your supply chain but it can also enhance your brand reputation in the long run as offering green supply chain solutions shows your social accountability.

Green Transportation

Whether you manage your own freight or collaborate with a transportation service, giving consideration to the types of vehicles you use can reduce carbon emissions and help cement your company’s reputation as being part of a green supply chain solution. By investing in environmentally friendly vehicles, you can improve your supply chain’s fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions at the same time. Similarly, investing in fuel-efficient tyres, investing in driver training for your staff and reducing other emission-causing practices can save you money in the long term.

Reviewing Current Practices

Taking the time to review your current commitment to being part of a green supply chain solution can help streamline your business practices and help the environment. Consider whether the companies that you work with are being pro-active in reducing their electricity use by using energy efficient light bulbs or encouraging energy-saving behaviour change in their factories and offices. Does your company adhere to the policy of reduce, reuse and recycle in its practices? If not, you could be missing a trick as these strategies can save money and increase profit margins.

Is your company part of a green supply chain solution? Perhaps you’ve recently adopted green policies in your supply chain? How has this saved you money and increased your revenue? Has this enhanced your brand’s reputation?

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