Renting warehouse storage: how long should it last?

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The right warehouse can either help or hinder your business, so it’s vital that you end up choosing the right one. Once you’ve asked all the tricky questions and found the perfect warehouse, the next question is usually ‘how long will I need it?’

Most of the warehouses offering space for rent aim to be flexible to your needs, and so have a wide range of different packages to suit.

Renting Short Term Warehouse Storage

Renting for short periods of time allows you to maintain your order fulfilment without rushing into lengthy contracts with a warehouse. It’s longer than temporary or seasonal renting and so you can get a better idea of how they work, but are able to move on if they’re not quite right for you.

If you normally deal with your own  in-house, but are moving to a bigger facility, refurbishing the site or looking to expand your sales territories by building another facility in a new location, short term renting can also cover the gaps, ensuring as little disruption as possible to your supply chain.

Renting Long Term Warehousing

Long term renting with a warehouse company is great because once you’ve vetted and chosen the right one, they essentially become your business partner, committed to maintaining your supply chain and encouraging growth where possible.

With a long term business relationship in place, both companies can quickly become attuned to what the other requires, whether it’s a particular method of labelling for the warehouse, or bespoke hand finishing for your products.

Temporary and Seasonal Warehousing

One of the best reasons for renting warehouse storage temporarily is that it’s a quick short term solution with a relatively painless set-up.

A short burst of all the extras warehousing can provide can be essential during the busy seasonal periods, like Christmas or Easter, and can help you keep up with demand without adding additional strain to your business.

So there are many options available to the discerning business owner. However long you decide to rent space with a warehouse, it’s important that they understand your needs as well as you getting to grips with how they operate.

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