Third Party Logistics professionals RT Page speak to Whichwarehouse

So what are R T Pages thoughts on the logistics industry?

Successfully running a logistics company in West Sussex for over 50 years now, R T Page have  assisted many a customer large and small over those years. Having an extensive amount of experience in the warehousing and distribution world, Whichwarehouse were keen to speak to them about their thought on the industry and how they have seen things over the past few years.

As with many others in the logistics industry, R T Page have noticed the need for more ecommerce fulfilment services due to more online retailers and are focusing attention on marketing to these types of companies. They felt that in 2013 the biggest change was a move to more online trading.

We asked R T Page what difficulties they faced as an operator and how they dealt with those issues. They explained that funding for development has been a little difficult and they resolved this by securing funding with private investors.

By introducing warehouse management systems they are now able to provide an improved service for their customers and they feel that this has assisted their business in many ways.

We discussed the economic situation with R T Page over the past few years and how this has affected the logistics industry. They advised that this has had both a negative and positive effect on the industry, " Negative in difficulty in funding and the expansion of ‘self storage’ units, positive in expansion of online Entrepreneurs".

And what does R T Page foresee for the coming year?

Being experts in the fulfilment side of logistics, R T Page advised that their customer base is now predominantly made up of online retailers. We asked if they felt that more companies will move into putting their products online and handing over the complete logistics requirements to an operator such as R T Page. Graham Boiling from R T Page replied "Would think so, if they give sufficient thought to the need to concentrate their energies on what they know best".

Whichwarehouse would like to thank Graham for taking the time to speak to us and wish R T Page continued success for 2014.



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