Paint Warehouse Blaze in the Philippines

The dangers of flammable paints in a warehousing environment were underscored this week when a fire caused serious damage at a paint storage facility in the Filipino capital of Manila.

The fire broke out on Monday afternoon at a warehouse belonging to Topboss Plastics Inc, taking fire-fighters more than an hour to bring under control and extinguish.

Chief Inspector Roy Quistro of Manila’s Pasig Fire Station told local reporters that damage caused by the blaze was estimated at more than £1 million.

Mr Quistro said that one difficulty when it came to tackling the fire was access to the warehouse, since passage ways leading to it were so narrow.

He went on to say that investigators were preparing to search for clues as to the cause of the fire, but tentatively suggested a combination of hot weather plus unsafe and improper storage methods for the flammable paints.

The doors to the warehouse were securely padlocked, thus making arson unlikely, said the security guard that first alerted fire-fighters to the blaze. He said that he was first aware of the problem when he saw smoke issuing from the warehouse.


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