How to Organise a Bulk Storage Warehouse

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A well-organised bulk storage warehouse ensures that fulfilment is as streamline as possible and having an effective set-up can only help ensure that items are accessible. When new products arrive, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve made maximum use of your warehouse space and that item placement is easy and straightforward. Here are some questions to consider for organising a bulk storage facility:

What Items Will be Stored?

The first thing to consider when organising a bulk storage space is the type of items that will be stored and how they need to be handled. Large containerised goods for example, are more difficult to handle than items packaged in cartons or boxes. It’s also worth considering what shape the bulk storage items might be and how heavy they are. These considerations play an important role in determining the type of pallet storage needed for your warehouse.

What Stock Handling System Will You use?

The type of pallet racks that you use will have an effect on your stock handling system. A drive-in rack, for example will need the use of a forklift, so consider how much space you might need for manoeuvrability. This will also affect the location of your products and their accessibility. With bulk storage, it’s important that whatever pallet racking system you use, you’re able to handle your stock safely and efficiently. Consideration should also be given to the pallet’s maximum loading capacity as this will affect the number of pallets between each pair of beams.

How High Will Your Items be Stacked?

As with any bulk storage space, height plays an important role in determining storage capacity. Whether the pallets are stackable and if so how high they can be stacked on top of each other. However, this will clearly be limited by the height of the building so taking accurate measurements before assembling is essential.

What do you think is the most effective way of organising a bulk storage warehouse? What differences are there in the set-up of a bulk storage warehouse and one that stores smaller goods?

Whichwarehouse would love to hear any tips you might have for organising bulk storage spaces.

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