Immingham Port – at the heart of UK import logistics

With an annual handling of over 55 million tonnes immingham is the UK’s largest port by tonnage, but that’s not the only reason that the logistics industry has a strong focus on Immingham Docks

Immingham Transport – the hub for North Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic

Immingham port for cargo and shipping

Roll-on/roll-off (roro) and lift-on/lift-off (lolo) freight services from the North are a major part of Immingham’s appeal. From containers of white goods to dry bulk freight, Immingham has a range of river and deep water facilities that link to major trade routes, giving access, within 24 hours, to 170 million Europeans. When it comes to markets and fulfilment, Immingham is a front runner in warehousing storage and delivery.

UK based warehousing and fulfilment with ease

While Immingham has its own attractions, it’s part of a hub of resources that make it vital to supply and demand inside the UK. Doncaster, Grimsby and Worksop all offer cost-effective warehousing solutions and excellent transport routes. From Grimsby itself there are rail facilities handling over rail freight transports weekly. The M1, M18 and M180 also allow swift cargo distribution throughout the UK, with strategically placed warehousing storage nearby to ensure customer satisfaction through delivery by deadline.  Not only that but with Humberside International Airport just twenty minutes drive away, Immingham is a great international hub for services as well as goods.


Immingham’s industries – a pocket guide

  1. Dry bulk – few ports have anything like the capacity, and infrastructure that Immingham offers to the dry bulk importer/exporter. With the two Humber International Terminals, (HIT 1 and 2) cargo discharge of up to 100,000 tonnes is available and dedicated compound warehousing makes Immingham a dry bulk port of choice. Coal imports are a particular feature of Immingham’s storage and transport systems.

  1. Liquid bulk – Immingham leads not just the UK but the world in logistics and storage solutions for liquid bulk, with liquid storage facilities connecting to the UK’s national and regional markets, it’s no wonder that Immingham supplies a third of the UK’s fuel every year.

  1. Forest products – the term forest products includes not only timber but also pulp, paper, and board – Immingham offers substantial shipping between the UK and Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic and the wider world in three major formats: containers, roro, and conventional forestry shipment.

  1. Containers – containerisation revolutionised the cargo market, allowing small importers to access global imports and make global exports by the container-load. Immingham offers both deep sea routes and onward transportation. Allied to the options such as fully flexible warehousing – visit for your ideal storage solution – Immingham gives small importers every chance of success.

  1. Metal – handling cargoes like steel, ferrous alloys and pig iron, Immingham has substantial metals-handling capacity.

  1. General cargo and project cargo – whether you’re bringing in machinery, or parts, vehicles or consumer goods, the general cargo terminals at Immingham offer every facility you could need. The project cargo team are also on hand to create special packages for bulky or hard-to-handle cargos.






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