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Warehousing and Fulfilment Services in Cornwall

With the increase of more and more online start up companies in the UK, it is now possible to choose a warehousing company/fulfilment house anywhere in the UK.

If a warehouse is receiving your orders, picking your goods and sending them out by courier for you, then why not choose Cornwall as your warehousing location.

Pick and Pack in Cornwallpick and pack

3PL providers in this area offer a range of fulfilment Services, taking the hassle out of your daily orders. Some start up companies cope very well with picking and packing the orders received and posting them out to their customers, but what happens when your orders start rolling in and you are finding it hard to cope?

You need to ensure your business can cope with the level of orders you receive in a fast and efficient way, therefore if your business has outgrown your garage and your orders are increasing, now is the time to outsource some of the work to professionals who are used to handling large levels of orders.

Our members can offer same day worldwide shipping of your goods, ensuring your customers stay happy and as a result so do you. You will be dedicated your own account manager to give you peace of mind and still be in control of your business but without the stress of picking the goods and sending them out.

Xmas always sees an increase in most e-commerce businesses. As everyone’s stress levels rise, panic buying for Xmas, so do many companies orders. What should be a time to enjoy the thriving business turns into a nightmare trying to keep up with the daily orders.

Many fear that by outsourcing the work they either won’t stay in control or the cost of the warehousing will be extortionate. This really is not the case. Firstly, the more work you outsource, the more time you can invest in marketing your site, thus creating more orders, rather than sat in your spare room trying to find and pack the items needing to be sent.

As a warehousing company are used dealing with high levels of orders and have systems in place for this type of work, the process will have more professionalism. Not that I am saying you are not professional but how much can one person do, really.

So if you are feeling the strain this year, call Whichwarehouse today on 0800 1707 555 and let us find you a solution to your warehousing needs.


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