Factors to consider when choosing a new warehouse

Considerations for when your business is seeking a new warehouse provider or facility

large industrial warehouseAdmittedly, stock plays a significant role when it comes to any trading business. As a result, it is imperative that your stock is stored in a warehouse that precisely meets your company’s needs. The process of securing the right warehouse can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing however that need not be the case. Whichwarehouse has a database full of experienced & professional 3PL (third party logistics) members throughout the UK who able to assist with all of your storage & logistics needs. Whether you require a warehouse to rent or are looking to outsource your logistics operation to a company you can trust, or are simply needing some over-spill pallet or bulk storage. We are sure to have a logistics member that can assist. Successfully matching companies and 3PL’s daily for various operations such as ecommerce fulfilment needs and pallet storage and distribution, Whichwarehouse really is a one-stop shop for all logistics assignments.

Often, businesses are bogged down by a few features when securing a warehouse premise. These features include the location of the warehouse, the space it offers and whether the 3PL handles order fulfilment and distribution. This is understandable as these features are crucial to most business operations. However, even though these play a focal role when choosing a new warehouse, there are other factors to consider. Below are details that will hopefully point you in the right direction when choosing your new, or next, warehouse provider.


For you to secure a warehouse that is best suited for your business, you need to state your business needs for the warehouse. This will help you give a clear picture of how your ideal warehouse should look and where it should be located. Even though holding stock is the primary requirement you need to look further and analyze the additional services any warehouse can offer you.

When it comes to the layout of the warehouse, you need to ask yourself whether it will meet your business needs. Will the layout handle the way your business operates? Can the warehouse cater for over-sized pallets should this be needed? When it comes to the size, you need to ask yourself if the warehouse offers enough storage for the growth of your business. An ideal warehouse should offer easy logistical integration for deliveries by being easily accessible.


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Location is a prime factor when it comes to choosing a new warehouse. Where the warehouse is geographically located will play a critical role in how your business operates. If you are looking at renting a warehouse and want to have easy accessibility to labour, then you should consider the warehouse proximity to the labour force. Additionally, the location of your warehouse determines how easy it is for you to receive and distribute goods. Therefore, it is important that you also consider the warehouse proximity to motorways, transportation links and your customer base.

If you are a smaller, local business, it would be judicious to choose a warehouse that is situated close to where your business is based. On the other hand, if you are a larger business, it is important to consider whether the warehouse is strategically located to handle supplying the regional demand. When you consider this, you will ensure that there is prompt delivery of your products to the consumer.


Cost is another key factor to consider when choosing a warehouse. When it comes to price, there are various aspects that you will have to consider. Apart from how much the warehouse costs, you should also consider the charges you will incur when receiving and delivering goods (RH&D). Many people make the mistake of overlooking the various aspects of cost when looking for a warehouse facility. Make sure that you incorporate all the expenses into your financial planning before making your final decision and remember, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better!

Conclusively, apart from the above factors, you should also consider your business visions and potential expansion plans when choosing a warehouse. Overlooking any of the above factors might lead to greater costs and losses for your business.

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