Black Friday is approaching!

Black Friday is coming soon – how prepared are you?

The date has been marked on calendars, many of which were Black Friday is approachingbought on Black Friday, since the beginning of 2014. With the biggest shopping day of the year finally in sight customers and retailers alike are counting down the days until the rush begins. With the concept of Black Thursday being all but completely rejected, moving Thanksgiving didn’t go down too well; Black Friday still remains a phenomenal experience that is growing more popular as the years go by.

So when is Black Friday?

November the 28th will see shops opening their doors, virtual and physical, to millions of customers looking to snag the best bargains they can lay their hands on.  With some shops welcoming customers from as early as 4am it has never been so important to be ready for the rush that is expected to increase once again from the extraordinary performance of last year. 2013 saw more than 200 million people taking part in Black Friday, more than 1/3 of all American adults. While the average spend is little more than a handful of dollars, overall Black Friday saw billions of dollars’ worth of sales.

For those shops that are taking part, online and high street; profits for the year are expected to see a significant surge. Many retailers are expecting to see more than a months’ worth of sales being completed on Black Friday alone. With most transactions taking place before 11am, having considerable levels of stock is key to seeing the sales day through and ensuring your have your overspill logistics in place is of equal importance. The build up to Black Friday can take months of preparation, in comparison to the considerably quick sales on the day.

After the lull of Thanksgiving Day most shops will double their staff quota on Black Friday in order to handle the thousands of people that rush the shop in one go. With added security needed to handle the crowds, Black Friday can be an expensive day to prepare for. Online retailers will advertise that there will be upcoming bargains and deals weeks beforehand, ensuring that enough momentum is built up to make the day profitable. Massive online companies like Amazon will run a week worth of deals, leading up to Cyber Monday, a day increasingly popular with online sales.

Trend of Black Friday across the globe

With the incredible success Black Friday has seen for retailers in America and the hype it creates for American shoppers the trend is starting to make its way across the globe. Some stores across the UK chose to participate in the tradition in 2013 and reported exceptional results. With online stores reaching out to other countries in previous years they have reported a similar level of popularity; Amazon especially has catered to an international audience for many years. Asda, Sainsbury’s and other major UK stores are prepping for the surge in purchases alongside stores in the US. They are set to see a considerable increase in sales compared to 2013 much like the expected rise in American sales.

With the majority of stores keeping their upcoming discounts a closed secret, it is wise to follow the same path. Increased hype over what is to come is one of the best advertising tools used by stores to promote their participation in Black Friday. Turning Black Friday into a success can hinge on preparation, for both sellers and customers; as the start of the Christmas season the day can make or break year end profits.

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