The Best Way To Advertise Warehouse Space

If you run a warehouse and distribution business with a steady flow of orders coming through, advertising warehouse spacecould you increase your client base and expand and grow? If you’re looking to attract more clients, then effective advertising is the way forward.

Attracting a potential client’s attention is the key – clear, concise information on the services you provide can make or break their final decision on joining you or one of the many competitors on the market.

Some of the main things to remember when advertising your warehouse is what the client will be looking for:

Where is your warehouse located?

This is a big one for most clients as the distances or locations of your warehouse—next to a major city, airport or seaport—can determine their distribution costs and delivery times. Too far and it won’t be worth their time or money.

What extra services do you offer?

Clients like variety, especially when it comes to streamlining their order fulfilment. Additional extras such as hand finishing and enclosing or delivery if you have your own fleet can be the added perk a client was hoping for.

The types of storage you provide can also be important. Certain customers may require specialist storage for hazardous or perishable goods. Letting them know that you have the facilities and the expertise to handle specific goods can really help you stand out.

How secure is your warehouse?

Your customers will want to know that their stock will be secure on your premises. You don’t need to go into huge detail when advertising the space, but a few key details about the security measures should be clearly presented.

When talking in person to a potential client, have answers ready to any security related questions that might be asked and, if possible, offer to have the client visit the site so they can see your system first hand.

There can be limited space in an advertisement, so be economical and only give necessary details. Direct them to your company’s website or telephone number in order to provide a detailed account of how you can help their business.

If you are looking to advertise your warehouse space contact Whichwarehouse on 0800 1707 555 today.

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