Courier companies in Leicester providing pick & pack, pallet storage & pallet network distribution services as well as courier delivery


Leicester is situated in the East warehouse space in LeicesterMidlands. If you happen to be looking for warehousing companies in the Leicester area, this location offers great links logistically and a fantastic central UK position making it easier for 3PLs to distribute their clients’ goods whilst retaining great prices.

To the south of Castle Donington there is the East Midlands Airport (the second largest freight airport in the UK), adjoining the M1 in north-west Leicestershire. The M1, M6 and part of the A14 all have great access to the southern tip of Leicestershire. Being positioned within easy reach of an airport provides yet another reason why Leicester warehousing is ideal for storing your pallets in warehouse space here, especially if you are importing goods via air.

Many smaller products or goods which need to be imported within a short time period are often transported by air to reach the supplier from various countries. Perhaps your business is selling your products online via an ecommerce shop. If so, whether at this point or at some point in the future, you will require the services of a professional fulfilment company in Leicester.

Whichwarehouse has members in Leicester, who specialise in all aspects of logistics, UK and European. Providing warehousing for palletised goods as well as being able to cater for all your requirements from trunking through to distribution as well as container decanting, ugly/bulk freight and garment/hanging solutions.  To find out how they can assist your business why not call a member of the team today, quoting Whichwarehouse as the source.

Fulfilment Services for your business in Leicester

Above we touched on the fact that your business may be looking for fulfilment services or order fulfilment for the goods you sell online. Perhaps you are unsure what these services provide or how much they will cost. If that is the case then allow us to shed some logistics light on the subject.

Fulfilment services and order fulfilment provided by our logistics members in Leicester will completely take the pressure off picking, packing and sending your goods out to your customers. Third party logistics companies here have an amazing amount of experience in this line of work. They have systems in place to manage stock control, receive orders, pick your goods, pack them, some can even provide the pacaging for you should you not wish to choose your own. Once the goods have been picked and packed, they are then distributed via courier companies that the warehouse company work with. This ensures your goods arrive to your customer in the same condition as they left the warehouse and just as importantly on time. In addition to this, many fulfilment services in Leicester will also provide reverse logistics. As an example, say your customer wants to return the item. Some logistics companies offer a service where they will receive the returns and rework them to ensure they are in tip top condition. Another example of rework as an additional warehouse service is if your goods arrive from the manufacturer or supplier and need labels changed, parts put together or parts added to the goods. Warehouse companies in Leicester can also handle your goods in this manner to ensure you can sit back in the comfort that your products are being received, handled, picked and sent out the way you need them to be.

Attempting to do all of this yourself is quite a stressful operation however logistics companies who specialise in fulfilment are experienced to handle goods, are aware of possible issues and delays and how to deal with those issues promptly and efficiently should they arise.

The cost of order fulfilment services are much lower than you probably anticipate. Most third party logistics companies charge for warehouse space and pallet storage differenty. For example if you are selling items that require pick and pack and are small items then some will offer space charged by the shelf size that the goods take up whereas if you were wanting to store pallet of goods then they may charge by the pallet, £1.50 per pallet for example. Fulfilment services may again be charged in different ways depending on the warehouse. Some may charge pick and pack services per carton, per pick, or offer an houry rate. It is always best to discuss things with your prospective warehouse storage company to ensure you are clear on what your charges will be.

Having a network of many 3PLs throughout the UK, Whichwarehouse can also assist with which locations we feel would be best for your storage facility, and which companies we feel would be able to offer you the requirements you are looking for. One place within Leicester is Bardon, home to Bardon Hill, the highest point in Leicester and being described in the local tourism brochure as “Coalvilles very own Grand Canyon”!  Bardon Hill is actually visible from the M42.  Boasting amazing views together with protected areas of rare geology & wildlife at the same time as being a fully active quarry carrying out afternoon blastings, this really should be on your “places to visit” list.

But we digress, back to warehouse space and order fulfilment in Leicester

If you would like assistance with searching for suitable warehousing in Leicester, click the find space  button below or please call a member of the Whichwarehouse team on  0800 1707 555 and we will be pleased to assist.

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