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Why the logistics industry needs to embrace social media

Social media is a huge part of our daily lives. Even if you’re one of the few who’s never personally using social media for logistics companieshad a Facebook or Twitter account, you’re likely to have been exposed to social media in some form or another. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and e-newsletters are just some of the many social media platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world each day, including those in the logistics industry.

Logistics is all about embracing new ideas and finding solutions. Technology has been at the centre of logistics management for some time as companies use the … Read More

The Best Way To Advertise Warehouse Space

If you run a warehouse and distribution business with a steady flow of orders coming through, advertising warehouse spacecould you increase your client base and expand and grow? If you’re looking to attract more clients, then effective advertising is the way forward.

Attracting a potential client’s attention is the key – clear, concise information on the services you provide can make or break their final decision on joining you or one of the many competitors on the market.

Some of the main things to remember when advertising your warehouse is what the client will be looking for:

Where is your warehouse located?

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How to Choose a Pick and Pack Service

pick and pack warehouse services

Using a Pick and Pack service takes the stress out of processing your company’s orders and frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. A typical Pick and Pack service provider will select the products ordered by your customers, pack them accordingly and ship the order to the desired destination. So what should you look for in a reliable Pick and Pack service?

Warehouse Storage Space

Any Pick and Pack service worth its weight should have adequate warehousing space to store all your products. Before committing to a particular service provider, you’ll want piece of … Read More

Back to basics: cutting logistics costs with better inventory management

Part 3: Improved logistics processes: picking, returns and verification

Improved Picking Processes

Picking needs to be scan confirmed and system directed wherever possible. Manual checking and the use of paper pick sheets should be reserved for only the smallest of operations. If you’re not sure, assume that going digital will help your efficiency. Individual businesses may find that RF or voice picking, or even pick-to-light systems work best for them.

logistics companies

These kinds of systems offer improved inventory control by giving more accurate orders. RF and voice picking systems are also very flexible. You can easily adapt them to new picking … Read More

Renting warehouse storage: how long should it last?

warehouse storage

The right warehouse can either help or hinder your business, so it’s vital that you end up choosing the right one. Once you’ve asked all the tricky questions and found the perfect warehouse, the next question is usually ‘how long will I need it?’

Most of the warehouses offering space for rent aim to be flexible to your needs, and so have a wide range of different packages to suit.

Renting Short Term Warehouse Storage

Renting for short periods of time allows you to maintain your order fulfilment without rushing into lengthy contracts with a warehouse. It’s longer than temporary … Read More

Why Advertising Warehouse Storage Is Crucial For Start-Ups

Starting a warehousing company involves a lot of planning and financial security before you’ve even taken on your advertise warehouse storagefirst client. Advertising warehouse storage is one of the best ways to catch the attention of new clients and build your warehousing company into a premier storage and fulfilment centre.

There are hundreds of warehousing companies across the UK who are building up their client base through professional recommendations and testimonials from many well known clients and brands. In order to carve out a space for your warehousing company in this densely populated industry, it’s worth investing in premium advertising space.


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Supply chain management: Talent is the Real Bottleneck

Everyone has their eyes on the core functions of their logistics department, but there is something more important supply chain solutionsthat customer service level and price metrics. The real thing that is holding supply chain, distribution and transportation suppliers back is a lack of talented recruits.

The fact is that you can have a perfect corporate philosophy and mission statement. You can have ISO 9001 certified processes. You can have the best employees on the planet, and still fall short of your business goals without mid- and lower-level managers who have a real talent for logistics.

The bad news is that talented … Read More

The Importance Of Women In Logistics

Logistics is an industry that is growing faster than ever and a career in this field can be financially rewarding, as well women in logisticsas providing excellent opportunities further down the road.

However there is an overall gender divide as it’s still seen as a predominantly male environment, and women may be put off trying to get their foot in the door of this lucrative industry because of that very reason.

Lack of flexibility and travelling away from home for long periods of time are some of the reasons why the logistics industry can seem like such a daunting prospect to women, … Read More

Working Towards Sustainability In Packaging

Nearly all the major companies we know and love have embraced the idea of sustainable business – from fair trade packaging in warehousingproducts to eco-friendly packaging, even the logistics industry is shaking off the old ways of thinking and taking on board fresh new ideas about how to create sustainable packaging within the supply chain.

Whether you produce most of your own packaging, or work with a warehousing company to create packing materials suitable for your products, there are plenty of ways in which you can integrate sustainable packaging into your brand.

Having clear recycling instructions

Having clear recycling information on … Read More

Global Shipping Warehousing & Storage talks to Whichwarehouse

Based in Grimsby, Global Shipping Warehousing & Storage has been one of Whichwarehouses trusted logistics members for a number of years now.

With facilities of 235,000 sq ft, this fantastic logistics company have assisted Whichwarehouse clients in a number of logistics requirements for companies large and small.

After the strain of 2013 for many warehouse operators Whichwarehouse spoke to Global Shipping Warehousng & Storage about how they found last year and what their thoughts are for the industry in 2014.

As with many that Whichwarehouse have interviewed, Global explained that they majority of their customers now are within E-commerce, selling … Read More

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