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Winners of the recent SHD Logistics Awards held in London

SHD Logistics’ first annual Logistics awards ceremony was a rousing success!

SHD Awards dinnerMore than 350 guests helped to celebrate the night at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair to honour some of the best companies in the industry, and to raise money for some needy causes. The success of the first awards ceremony means that these events will become a fixture for the logistics sector in the South for a long time to come.

But let’s take a look at the winners!

Briggs Equipment UK sponsored the Innovation Award, which was won by Palletline.

Norbert Dentressangle took home the … Read More

Will the latest cuts in supply chain affect the logistics industry?

Why are some of the world’s largest companies supply chain and the effects on logisticsconsidering slowing down their supply chains?

At the Stifel Transportation and Logistics conference, world-class companies including Dell and Wal-Mart discussed the potential benefits and dangers of intentionally slowing down supply chains, and why it might be beneficial in today’s economic climate. So, what do they know that we don’t?

It is important to remember that supply chain and logistics cost targets are set by fairly high-level executives at companies of this size. There seems to be the feeling at these rarefied levels that it may be time to cut logistics spending, even … Read More

Walker Logistics, warehousing experts speak to Whichwarehouse

So how have Walker Logistics, a third party logistics provider based in Berkshire found the last few years

Offering over 200,000 sq ft of warehousing in a fantastic location within easy reach of London, Walker Logistics clearly have their finger on the pulse in the logistics industry. Whichwarehouse spoke to Walker about their views on the industry as we have done with many of our other members to find out exactly how they see the industry going and what changes they have seen of late.

During our interview with Walker Logistics we asked what type of industries they see … Read More

The challenges presented by a implementing a lean supply chain

Running a lean supply chain part two: supply chain solutions

A truly lean, optimised supply chain will be amenable to flow modelling, which in turn should produce shorter lead times, reduced inventory (and the consequent improvement in working capital numbers), and lower waste all along the supply chain. Your supply chain management team should be looking at the chain systemically, looking for improvements that can be made at any point and not just within your department or even within your organisation. Collaboration with all of your supply partners will be required for a full analysis, so you will first have to get a … Read More

Running a lean supply chain part one

The business case for a lean supply chainlean supply chain

There exist many forces in today’s markets that push us towards refining our supply chains, and advocate leaner practices. There is an overall shift to high volume, low margin products, which necessitates lower overhead. Most customers expect, and demand continual improvement of price, delivery speed, and service levels. The success of the globalisation movement has made supply ‘chains’ into complicated nets that defy the traditional ‘flow’ and ‘process’ models. Growing complexity in our SKU rosters is further complicating supply chains. Markets are becoming less stable, and shorter lead times have become … Read More

Logistics Talk – Whichwarehouse speaks to AKW

Let's take a look at how AKW Group can help your business with warehousing and distribution

Originally starting out as a freight forwarding company over 30 years ago as AK Worthington Limited named after the chairman Tony Wothington, after expanding into other areas such as warehousing, AKW Group was formed early in the 21st century to join the group of companies together that had succesfully been formed. With 500,000 sq ft of warehousing situated in the prime location of Trafford Park, Manchester, AKW offer a range of warehousing and distribution services for their customers and provide wet and dry … Read More

Third Party Logistics professionals RT Page speak to Whichwarehouse

So what are R T Pages thoughts on the logistics industry?

Successfully running a logistics company in West Sussex for over 50 years now, R T Page have  assisted many a customer large and small over those years. Having an extensive amount of experience in the warehousing and distribution world, Whichwarehouse were keen to speak to them about their thought on the industry and how they have seen things over the past few years.

As with many others in the logistics industry, R T Page have noticed the need for more ecommerce fulfilment services due to more online retailers and … Read More

Why carrier prices are expected to rise throughout 2014

How are rising carrier prices going to affect the logistics industry?

Whichwarehouse believes that first, many carriers are still experiencing a shortage of skilled drivers. courier servicesMost, it seems, have under-reported this to the press to avoid panicking customers, as well. Even with immigration from Europe, the UK trucking industry isn’t bringing in new drivers as fast as it would like to, and capacity is not growing as fast as demand is.

If this continues, carrier prices will have to go up.

To add further pressure to the trucking sector, many of the best drivers are quite close to retirement. The … Read More

Fulfilment company Technical Fulfilment offer their views on the industry in 2014

With the increase of ecommerce businesses how are Technical Fulfilment finding the logistics industry?

Technical Fulfilment is a fantastic fulfilment company based in Newark and a member of Whichwarehouse. They deal with all types of pick and pack services and order fulfilment for  companies large and small.

With the increase of fulfilment services needed for more and more online businesses in the UK today, we were keen to see what Technical Fulfilments thoughts were on the industry of late and see how their business is doing in 2014..

We asked Technical Fulfilment about the type of business they generally receive … Read More

Supply chain worker management solutions

The tools you need to do the job for supply chain management

Management is about making sure your resources are used correctly and efficiently, and your supply chain managementnumber one resource is your employee’s time and effort. Here are a few kinds of tools that supply chain managers use to keep their employees productive and effective.

General Time Management Solutions

Something as basic as ‘time clock’ software can give your employees the kind of structure they need to be productive, and helps them see for themselves where time is being wasted. Whenever you are managing personnel, making it clear what your expectations … Read More

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