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How to protect your supply chain from the ‘butterfly effect’ of the digitally empowered consumer

What is the butterfly effect in your supply chain?

A ‘butterfly effect’ is when a small, localised change or disruption in the flow through a supplysupply chain and the butterfly effect chain has effects which cascade up and down the chain, sometimes having serious consequences for a business. The name comes from the thought experiment in Chaos Theory where a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could cause a hurricane halfway around the world. A better cliché might be ‘for lack of a nail, the Kingdom fell.’ Billions of pounds have been lost to butterfly effects on too-strained or too lean supply chains, and it … Read More

Full service events & exhibitions logistics: beyond storage and transport

What's involved in events and exhibition logistics?

3PLs who specialise in the logistics of storing exhibition stands and equipment, and transporting them to exhibitions and meeting around the world are hardly new, but a few enterprising groups don’t stop there. Beyond mere storage and transport, they offer a host of revents logisticselated services (often through industry partnerships, but occasionally in-house) such as the design and construction of exhibition stands, full exhibition capability project management, and even help tracking and maintaining an acceptable ROI for your exhibition presence. Let’s look at these services in a bit more depth.

Basic Logistics

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What is the key to modernising your supply chain

Finding a technology partner you can work with for your supply chain solutionssupply chain solutions

Now more than ever, there are more supply chain solutions than problems. That sounds good at first, but choosing among them is its own problem. The key to this problem with solutions is to find a well-qualified technology partner who can work with them to meet their unique business challenges and get their product to market efficiently. Wise directors are evaluating their preferred carriers, their suppliers, and the changing demands of their customers with a mind towards creating a tightly knit, complex network which can meet the … Read More

Five steps to a disaster-resistant supply chain

What should you be looking at to ensure a smooth running supply chain?

Supply chain and logistics managers need good data to base their prediction on, and as markets got more complex and globalised, good, solid data is becoming very hard to come by. There can never really be enough data to predict everything that can go wrong with a modern, lean supply chain. You need to have a resilient and adaptable chain in place before something goes wrong to be able to cope with problems nowsupply chain and logistics

Below are a few things you can do to make your logistics operations

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Managing people for more efficient logistics and distribution

Your hourly, non-salaried personnel are the real warehousing staffheart of your logistics and distribution function

They are also quite often the people whose jobs involve the greatest number of steps. These processes are commonly procedurally driven. Unfortunately, these are also the people who have the least voice or personal stake in leadership or decision making. As a result, the people doing the most fundamental work in your business may have the least understanding or personal stake in the corporate philosophy you are trying to foster.

Many of them do not understand how their functions impact on customer satisfaction, and are not … Read More

Winners of the recent SHD Logistics Awards held in London

SHD Logistics’ first annual Logistics awards ceremony was a rousing success!

SHD Awards dinnerMore than 350 guests helped to celebrate the night at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair to honour some of the best companies in the industry, and to raise money for some needy causes. The success of the first awards ceremony means that these events will become a fixture for the logistics sector in the South for a long time to come.

But let’s take a look at the winners!

Briggs Equipment UK sponsored the Innovation Award, which was won by Palletline.

Norbert Dentressangle took home the … Read More

Will the latest cuts in supply chain affect the logistics industry?

Why are some of the world’s largest companies supply chain and the effects on logisticsconsidering slowing down their supply chains?

At the Stifel Transportation and Logistics conference, world-class companies including Dell and Wal-Mart discussed the potential benefits and dangers of intentionally slowing down supply chains, and why it might be beneficial in today’s economic climate. So, what do they know that we don’t?

It is important to remember that supply chain and logistics cost targets are set by fairly high-level executives at companies of this size. There seems to be the feeling at these rarefied levels that it may be time to cut logistics spending, even … Read More

Walker Logistics, warehousing experts speak to Whichwarehouse

So how have Walker Logistics, a third party logistics provider based in Berkshire found the last few years

Offering over 200,000 sq ft of warehousing in a fantastic location within easy reach of London, Walker Logistics clearly have their finger on the pulse in the logistics industry. Whichwarehouse spoke to Walker about their views on the industry as we have done with many of our other members to find out exactly how they see the industry going and what changes they have seen of late.

During our interview with Walker Logistics we asked what type of industries they see … Read More

The challenges presented by a implementing a lean supply chain

Running a lean supply chain part two: supply chain solutions

A truly lean, optimised supply chain will be amenable to flow modelling, which in turn should produce shorter lead times, reduced inventory (and the consequent improvement in working capital numbers), and lower waste all along the supply chain. Your supply chain management team should be looking at the chain systemically, looking for improvements that can be made at any point and not just within your department or even within your organisation. Collaboration with all of your supply partners will be required for a full analysis, so you will first have to get a … Read More

Running a lean supply chain part one

The business case for a lean supply chainlean supply chain

There exist many forces in today’s markets that push us towards refining our supply chains, and advocate leaner practices. There is an overall shift to high volume, low margin products, which necessitates lower overhead. Most customers expect, and demand continual improvement of price, delivery speed, and service levels. The success of the globalisation movement has made supply ‘chains’ into complicated nets that defy the traditional ‘flow’ and ‘process’ models. Growing complexity in our SKU rosters is further complicating supply chains. Markets are becoming less stable, and shorter lead times have become … Read More

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