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Supply chain worker management solutions

The tools you need to do the job for supply chain management

Management is about making sure your resources are used correctly and efficiently, and your supply chain managementnumber one resource is your employee’s time and effort. Here are a few kinds of tools that supply chain managers use to keep their employees productive and effective.

General Time Management Solutions

Something as basic as ‘time clock’ software can give your employees the kind of structure they need to be productive, and helps them see for themselves where time is being wasted. Whenever you are managing personnel, making it clear what your expectations … Read More

Supply chain management: Talent is the Real Bottleneck

Everyone has their eyes on the core functions of their logistics department, but there is something more important supply chain solutionsthat customer service level and price metrics. The real thing that is holding supply chain, distribution and transportation suppliers back is a lack of talented recruits.

The fact is that you can have a perfect corporate philosophy and mission statement. You can have ISO 9001 certified processes. You can have the best employees on the planet, and still fall short of your business goals without mid- and lower-level managers who have a real talent for logistics.

The bad news is that talented … Read More

Amethyst Group case study working with the Luxury Fashion Multichannel

Amethyst warehousing logoAmethyst Group are supply chain management experts based in Staplehurst, Kent, working with various industries looking to outsource their logistics. Recently they advised Whichwarehouse of a case study involving working with Luxury Fashion Multichannel. Learn more below of how they executed the clients requirements with ease and professionalism. 

Working with many mutli channel fashion and beauty companies, Amethyst provides warehousing and distribution services for both retailers and wholesalers, domestically and worldwide. The Luxury Fashion Multichannel was looking for a logistics partner who were able to provide flexibility and handle large daily volumes of orders.

Amethyst put together a … Read More

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