Third Party Logistics professionals RT Page speak to Whichwarehouse

So what are R T Pages thoughts on the logistics industry?

Successfully running a logistics company in West Sussex for over 50 years now, R T Page have  assisted many a customer large and small over those years. Having an extensive amount of experience in the warehousing and distribution world, Whichwarehouse were keen to speak to them about their thought on the industry and how they have seen things over the past few years.

As with many others in the logistics industry, R T Page have noticed the need for more ecommerce fulfilment services due to more online retailers and … Read More

Why carrier prices are expected to rise throughout 2014

How are rising carrier prices going to affect the logistics industry?

Whichwarehouse believes that first, many carriers are still experiencing a shortage of skilled drivers. courier servicesMost, it seems, have under-reported this to the press to avoid panicking customers, as well. Even with immigration from Europe, the UK trucking industry isn’t bringing in new drivers as fast as it would like to, and capacity is not growing as fast as demand is.

If this continues, carrier prices will have to go up.

To add further pressure to the trucking sector, many of the best drivers are quite close to retirement. The … Read More

Fulfilment company Technical Fulfilment offer their views on the industry in 2014

With the increase of ecommerce businesses how are Technical Fulfilment finding the logistics industry?

Technical Fulfilment is a fantastic fulfilment company based in Newark and a member of Whichwarehouse. They deal with all types of pick and pack services and order fulfilment for  companies large and small.

With the increase of fulfilment services needed for more and more online businesses in the UK today, we were keen to see what Technical Fulfilments thoughts were on the industry of late and see how their business is doing in 2014..

We asked Technical Fulfilment about the type of business they generally receive … Read More

Supply chain worker management solutions

The tools you need to do the job for supply chain management

Management is about making sure your resources are used correctly and efficiently, and your supply chain managementnumber one resource is your employee’s time and effort. Here are a few kinds of tools that supply chain managers use to keep their employees productive and effective.

General Time Management Solutions

Something as basic as ‘time clock’ software can give your employees the kind of structure they need to be productive, and helps them see for themselves where time is being wasted. Whenever you are managing personnel, making it clear what your expectations … Read More

The world of third party logistics is changing, and we all have to adapt to make the most of it.

third party logistics

There was a time when the typical interaction between a shipper and an outsourced logistics provider was essentially: “Go and do this.” The modern 3PL supplier is more sophisticated and capable. Now, the interaction is usually “This is what we want to achieve. How can you help us do it better, faster, and less expensively?” This is better, but there is farther to go, yet. In the near future, it is hoped that the conversation will be more along the lines of: “Here is the situation. Let’s decide together how to proceed now.”

Make your logistics provider a key part

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What to look out for when outsourcing your Logistics Services

When looking for an outsourced logistics provider, look for one who does not themselves outsource key functions.

Using an outsourced logistics provider or 3PL can do wonders for some companies. It can turn third party logisticswarehousing and distribution over to experts and let you carry on with the rest of your processes. It can even cut costs. Since a specialist 3PL can be expected to be more efficient at it than a generalist business, you can save money while both partners profit. Since most 3PLs work with many businesses, they can operate large facilities and benefit from the economy of scale. At … Read More

Pricing Tips When Selecting a New Warehousing and Fulfilment

Even if you’re happy with your third party logistics providers, a responsible business entertains 3plsproposals from their competitors from time to time, just to make sure they aren’t leaving money on the table. Unfortunately, this means that someone has to read and analyse the proposals.

Some of these proposals can be as impenetrable as the tax code and as thick as a phone book. Though they are eminently tempting to skim, pricing proposals from fulfilment or warehousing providers should be read carefully.

We’ve made a short list of tips to understanding, and getting the best deal from, warehousing and fulfilment

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Whichwarehouse speaks to CDL Logistics

The CDL Group has been successfully running for over 30 years now and have CDL Logistics, Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics, IMS and CDL London Fulfilment running warehousing and fulfilment services in London and surrounds.

Being such a successful group within the logistics sector, Whichwarehouse were keen to talk to CDL about their thoughts on the industry of late and what they foresee for 2014.

When asked of the biggest difficulties they faced as an operator over the past few years CDL Logistics explained that each customer has its idiosyncrasies and the only way to overcome them is with … Read More

The true cost of reverse logistics for new businesses

Any good business owner knows the value of a solid forward supply chain, but what about the reverse logisticsopposite: reverse logistics? Reverse logistics can cost big companies millions and because of the complex nature of their supply chain, it’s often hard to pinpoint exactly where these costs come from.

There are certain unavoidable expenses when it comes to reverse logistics, and these can be heavy for new businesses.

Returning an item back to a bricks and mortar store is still generally the most cost-effective method for a small company, although this can be inconvenient for customers. With online or catalogue purchases, … Read More

Price pressure in the logistics industry in virtually all global markets

According to a recent study by Simon-Kucher & Partners, increased competition have shrunk global price pressuremargins more in the logistics industry than other industries, all over the world. It seems like increased competition and the rise of outsourced logistics contracting is causing prices to fall, and forcing logistics providers to operate at dangerously low margins to stay competitive.

The global pricing study conducted by the well-known marketing and strategy consultancy concluded that “committed leadership” and “strong positioning” would be required for European, American and Asian logistics companies alike to resist the pricing pressure while staying competitive.

This study was based on questionnaires … Read More

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