Whichwarehouse interviews Chiltern Transport & Warehousing Ltd

Based in Pitstone, Buckinghamshire, Chiltern Transport and Warehousng have been successfully providing chiltern transport & warehousingwarehousing and distribution for companies with commercial goods needing storage and distribution. Whichwarehouse speaks to Chiltern below about changes they have seen in the logistics industry and what they believe is in store for 2014.

So let's take a look at what logistics professionals Chiltern Transport & Warehousng have to say

Chiltern advised Whichwarehouse that the majority of companies that tend to store with them are within the food and drink industries. When asked about the difficulties they have faced over the years Chiltern explained that companies undercutting their prices to simply chase revenue rather than provide good service has been as issue for them.

Chiltern went on to explain that that they have recently installed the Stirling Transport and Warehouse Management System to replace Delta which has made their whole operation alot more efficient and allowed the customers full visability of their stock. They diversified a year ago by joining a pallet network which has been very successful for them and allowed them to grow. They see this as a major growth area within the company which also allows them to sell the whole package particularly when quoting on storage and fulfilment services.

When speaking about the economic crisis and how this has affected them over the past year Chiltern explained that due to this recesssion, they have seen more companies ordering smaller quantities to the point of just in time production rather than operating with stock in either the customers or their warehouse. Because of this, they have seen a significant rise in their pallet network and distribution side but a sharp fall in their general full load haulage and storage operation. 

Chiltern works with both retail outlets and online retailers finding their customer base a complete mix of these areas so have not seen an increase in online retailers for their warehouse.

To conclude Chiltern Transport and Warehousing advised companies will always need some form of storage and fulfilment whether they do it in house or not.  As Chiltern offer direct retailing via online marketing and fulfilment they feel that they may see an increase in storage rather than a reduction however the larger companies storing thousands of palelts will be looking towards the larger logistics companies for their warehousing.

It is great to see that Chiltern Transport and Warehousing are doing so well and and have been implemeting changes in their systems to improve their customer experiences. Well done Chiltern and Whichwarehouse look forward to working closely with you in 2014.


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