Top-tier 3PL – The secrets of a good business relationship


All over the internet there are blogs and articles full of tips and tricks to help you build a better relationship with your 3PL company. Some of the most obvious pieces of advice involve thoroughly vetting your 3PL before signing any long term contracts.

But what do some of the best third party logistics companies offer their clients, not just in the form of excellent logistics services and packages, but in a business relationship as well?

Always maintain good communication…

Any good business to business relationship needs effective communication at all levels. The less communication there is between a 3PL and the client, the more likely it is that mistakes will occur.

…and set up points of contact

A top tier 3PL will have mastered the supply chain, but there are always going to be unforeseen problems that arise. Setting up a dedicated point of contact within your company means that any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Find your 3PL’s specialities

Almost every 3PL around the country will be able to provide at the very least, a basic logistics service. But some of the best 3PLs will have experience dealing with niche areas. International shipping, specialist storage or transportation – they will know how best to manage your supply chain.

Reassess your individual and joint goals

At the end of each financial year, take some time to arrange a formal interview and re-establish all of your goals. Are they to expand your sales territories? Reinvent your brand? Discuss your goals with your 3PL and see how you can build a better business together.

Listen to each other

No one understands your business better than you. Equally, no one understands logistics and the supply chain better than your 3PL, so if they offer advice on how to improve fulfilment, then keep an open mind.

A good relationship with your 3PL is something you should strive for from the beginning. A good understanding of how the other works can boost customer opinion and overall profits, as well as dealing with any minor or major problems that occur.

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