Partnering with a specialist 3PL

Why is partnering with a specialist 3PL provider so important for the NHS and medical industry?

As is evident, the healthcare industry is vital for the diagnosis and treatment of those in need of medical assistance, 3PL for specialist logisticsand as is, more often than not, responsible for saving lives. To function effectively, the Healthcare industry depends upon the efficient distribution and use of medical equipment and medicines alike.

When stocks of medicines run low or equipment breaks down, it is essential that the companies involved have a good 3PL partner they can rely on to act promptly and accurately. A hospital for example, has a critical piece of equipment go wrong which prevents them from honouring the appointments booked for that day. This could very easily cause quite a catastrophic effect but with the right 3PL, this dilemma can quickly be corrected. So long as the 3PL has acted appropriately with regard to the stock monitoring of all SKUs and equipment parts, they will be able to pick & pack the relevant items and despatch via their on-time delivery network, for same day receipt. For this reason alone it is necessary that the 3PL provider has ensured continuity of stock levels of all items and either employs experienced drivers or has a partnership with a professional specialist courier company.

Services & benefits you can expect to receive from a professional, experienced healthcare third party logistics provider include:

  • Instant cost savings relating to equipment or service downtime in restocking your medicine cabinet or fixing your broken equipment.
  • Comfortable in the knowledge that your goods & products are handled appropriately and safely by experienced healthcare logistics professionals.
  • All inventory retained at the distribution centre (DC) would have been strictly monitored and stored safely in accordance with the products’ regulations.
  • All stock will be positioned in DC’s situated within a reasonable driving distance (or centrally) to all your facilities ensuring a speedy delivery time.
  • Most healthcare 3PLs will have in-situ a 24/7 support network regardless of the time of day or time of year, to cater for any eventuality.
  • The Warehouse Management System (WMS) will be easily accessible by your company to allow you to see live stock data and delivery statuses.

We all like to be assured that we have someone to rely on when required, so make sure that your 3PL offers you a dependable and expert service.

If you are currently looking for a healthcare 3PL or are considering changing your 3PL partner, visit the Whichwarehouse website or contact us on 0800 1707 555 for assistance. We have a number of healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics professionals who can assist you with your requirements and we are confident you will find a solution via Whichwarehouse.

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