Overspill Storage for Xmas stock

Looking for warehousing for your overspill stock this Xmas ?Xmas logistics

Xmas is approaching again and many businesses at this time of year order more stock to ensure they can cope with their increased orders. Ordering more stock to cover the Xmas period means that you may require more storage space.

You may or may not be aware that warehouses offer storage on a weekly basis which is usually charged at a pallet price per week and helps companies at this time of year as they only pay for the time they require the extra storage. As there are many businesses in the same position during this period it is always a good idea to arrange your warehousing as soon as possible to ensure you have something in place when your additional stock arrives.

This type of storage is known as overspill warehousing.In addition to storage space, logistics companies are able to offer assistance with pick and pack and distribution.

Do you run an online store?

Until now you may have been handling your goods from your garage or small lock up, picking and packing the goods yourself and taking them down to the post office ready for despatch. During peak seasons, this task may become more difficult to manage as the orders start flying in and those trips to the post office are becoming more and more regular.

This is where a professional logistics company can help!

They have experience and staff in place to be able to handle peak times for fulfilment and delivery, taking the pressure off you and your business. Costs are worked out per order or carton picked so you are fully aware of what each item is costing you to pick, pack and deliver. This makes it easier for you to stay on top of your costs and perhaps build these costs into your pricing.

Xmas is a stressful time for many of us. Trying to get everything ready in time, presents bought, turkey cooked, so why add to the pressure by trying to carry out your storage and fulfilment yourself. Outsource this work to the professionals.

Whichwarehouse offer a free service to search for suitable logistics companies matched to your requirements and location. We take the stress out of trawling around third party logistics companies trying to find the best one for you by carrying out a search amongst our experienced warehousing members and come up with suitable solutions for you.

If you need some assistance this Xmas with your logistics requirements, call a member of the Whichwarehouse team on 0800 1707 555 and let us take the pressure off this Xmas. 


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