Outsourcing your logistics and the importance of customer care

Outsourcing your third party logistics

“I don’t want to be just a faceless number” is a phrase I hear only too find a logistics companyfrequently from business owners who contact Whichwarehouse with regard to their search for a Third Party Logistics provider to outsource their supply chain requirements to. Many are afraid that they will get lost in the system of a large company that handles the logistics for multiple clients. Perhaps the enquirer is a start-up enterprise and are yet to ascertain the variety of clientele which would substantiate large quantities of their products demanding storage & fulfilment. Or possibly, up until now, they have been sustaining orders in-house using their own employees but are now overwhelmed with orders that it has become necessary for them to find a professional 3PL partner.

It is easy to recognise why many would be under the misapprehension that all business owners look for, and value over anything else, is experience and quantity. However, this isn’t necessarily always the case and I am assured that 3PL providers do not become complacent when receiving such enquiries and do not adopt the attitude that they have won the contract purely based on their stature within the industry. As the saying goes “quality over quantity”!

Customer satisfaction is vital

outsourcing your thrid party logisticsEven in todays fast-paced, highly technological, developed supply chain industry there must always remain an element of people focused customer satisfaction as one of the services a 3PL, and indeed any company, offers. Establishing and maintaining a high level of customer service will hold any business in good repute not only amongst existing customers but future ones too. So many people still value good customer service that it is vital for ambition to be instilled into employees to ensure they greet each and every potential client with the same enthusiasm and respect, irrespective of the size of their business or the amount of stock they will be placing in the facility in the first instance.

Sir Richard Branson wasn’t an overnight success! He had to start somewhere and even has a few failed ventures to his name but he never gave up and his get-up-and-go attitude has inspired many others to pursue their dreams of starting up a business. Regardless of “fame & fortune” it is important that feet remain well & truly grounded and our roots are not forgotten. We all had to be given that one chance to get where we are today.

customer service vital in logistics

If you’re looking for that last piece of the jigsaw for your business but are unsure of which type of 3PL would be the best fit for you, contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to establish which of our wide range of sites in the UK would be right for you.

Alternatively, if you are a 3PL and would like to join the Whichwarehouse network we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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