A Career in Supply Chain

Looking for a career in Supply Chain?

Watch this video below to where you can view Industry pros talk about the challenges and benefits of a career in supply chain management. Originally aired at ISM's 2013 Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas

Supply chain and logistics is a great industry to get into as it is continually growing and changing to accommodate the needs of the consumer.

So what makes the supply chain industry a good choice of career move?

Nowadays, with the change in consumer purchasing patterns, many more retailers are moving towards the online market. This changes the requirements for logistics companies by requesting more fulfilment services such as pick and pack, rework and distribution of the goods direct to their customers doors. Gone are the days when many warehouses simply dealt with storing your pallets of goods. The benefits of outsourcing this type of work is huge as dealing with orders, picking and packing the goods and sending them out to a customer is extremely time consuming. The time saved allowing you to concentrate on selling your goods makes outsourcing your order fulfilment extremely beneficial ensuring your business grows as it needs to.

Choosing a trustworthy and professional 3PL ensures all of this is taken care of for you. Many warehouse systems even integrate with your own sites to ensure your stock levels and orders are kept up to date and managed correctly.

With these new requirements in logistics and supply chain management, this allows for new jobs and more staff requirement for these industries.

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