Third party fulfilment, delivery service, MHRA licensed and ambient storage warehouse in London


One of the historic towns located in south east London is Woolwich which became part of the London metro during the 19th century. It was actually part of Kent initially up until 1889. Previously a significant area for the military and industrial sectors. The London Plan class Woolwich as being one of the 35 major centres in Greater London.

Third party logistics services & warehousing space is extremely sought after within all areas of London thus making it scarcely available due to the high demand.   Warehousing & logistics facilities in London are also slightly more expensive than in other areas of the UK (as with many services in London). If you want the best service, in the best area then you have to be prepared to pay a premium. Alternatively consider outside of the London boroughs and the M25 area and you might find that the cost of the warehousing is less but the transportation costs increase therefore making no difference to the total cost of the service you require either way.

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